XLP is working to create positive futures for young people and make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and educational failure.

In 1996, in response to a stabbing in a school playground, the school’s headmaster asked Patrick Regan, a local church based youth worker, to come into the school and work with their students and teachers to help with difficult behavioural issues. This was the beginning of XLP, a Christian charity that has an emphasis on being faith-based, but not faith-biased: XLP works equally with young people of all faiths and none. Those who work at XLP share a common passion: to serve the community by meeting the social, educational and behavioural needs of young people, and empowering them to make wise lifestyle choices and to realise their potential.


Over the years XLP has grown from working in a single school to operating in over 60 schools and communities across Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich,Tower Hamlets, Newham, Islington and Camden. In the early days, Patrick began by hosting a lunch-time club on school premises that taught the kids more about their own heroes, and in particular how those heroes behaved. Today, on a day-to-day basis, XLP has projects dealing with a wide variety of issues including drugs awareness, anger management and violence, poverty and fairtrade, prejudice and racism, sex and relationships, and image and identity

Website: www.xlp.org.uk
Email: info@xlp.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7256 6240