Vanessa Feltz interviews Patrick Regan

Vanessa Feltz interviews Patrick Regan

What drives young people into gang culture? What makes them so angry so quickly? And are there any realistic alternatives?

Following Newham Council’s request for Youtube gang music videos to be banned, Patrick appeared on Vanessa Feltz show to discuss effective ways of helping young people to avoid getting involved in gangs. Patrick points out that measures such as the ban might bring short term peace but will not solve the many and complex factors that cause gang culture to exist. He explains that young people are often made angry by their environment and can look to gangs as their only option when a number of factors combine. Using an inspiring story he explains that there are possible alternatives for young people, leading Vanessa to devote her next show to discussing Patrick’s closing comment:

Your past does not have to determine your future.

YouTube gang videos removed after Newham council request:

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